A Berlin based artist, who uses Bio Data Sonification or so-called “Bio Feedback” to create imaginary and interactive landscapes through plants.
Conceived as an art installation where he connects and reports the inner state of plants into an interactive and atmospherical journey.

To express this concept, he employs bio data sonification technology, which allows him to measure small electrical currents across the surface of a plant’s leaves or human skin, converting these impulses into notes that generate music.

He doesn’t control the plant, instead he gives it its own space and time to express its state. Depending on the type of plant, its health, the time of day and season, there may be many different moods displayed. Some hours it may show very little activity (nighttime e.g.) , translated into peaceful yet almost meditative music. During the performance, the plant’s life motion may increases on its own, or through the interactions with human bodies. This electric connection between the two entities generates peaks of tension and uctuations in the sound projected into the audience.